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Jun 27, 2023
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As part of Staebler’s 150th anniversary celebrations and commitment to lifelong learning, our Charity & Community Involvement Committee donated two “Like a Chica” education scholarships.

In 2022, Founder Selena Jones created the “Like a Chica” Scholarship to award scholarships to women or non-binary students “who demonstrate outstanding commitment to their community by helping those in-need.” Beginning with two “Like a Chica” Scholarships in its first year, this year Selena is more than doubling that commitment with five $1,000 scholarships.

The Chica Project has four pillars:

  • Feminism – Belief in the rights of women
  • Empowerment – Illuminating the voices of women
  • Community – A safe place to feel like you belong
  • Equity – Everyone, everywhere deserves a fair shot

Selena stopped by Staebler Insurance and shared her gratitude with our team for helping this project grow. She mentioned The Chica Project, an apparel brand and community, was founded in 2019 as a way of uplifting women and girls locally and globally.

This year’s scholarship winners were announced on Monday, June 26. With over 130 applications, five winners were shared on social media by Selena: The Chica Project | Facebook. Congratulations from Staebler Insurance to all the very deserving winners of this year’s Like a Chica Scholarships!

You may learn more about The Chica Project and its Like a Chica scholarship by visiting their website.

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