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Virginia (Jen) Pye

RIB (Ont), Broker, Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Jen Pye brings more than 15 years of insurance experience to our Commercial Solution team with a wide-ranging background in the industry. She began her career in emergency claims and was a calming voice helping insureds during a difficult time. Through various claims roles, she was promoted to team leader positions, and worked through auto appraising and later launched a new department that paired contractors with insureds during property claims.

After experiencing clients’ claims that were not adequately covered by their insurance policy, Jen’s desire to help people prompted her to move to the broker side of the industry. In 2016, Jen joined Staebler Insurance, bringing valuable experience and became a Commercial Service Team Leader.

Jen is now a Small Commercial Broker and always asks the right questions upfront to give clients the most appropriate coverage. Ensure your unique risks are covered: Connect with Jen and see how she can help your business today.

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