Should you consider pet insurance?

Oct 3, 2018
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Whether you’ve just brought home a brand new mewling kitten, adopted a rescue dog, have a bunny that’s two years, or noticed your faithful friend starting to slow down in her old age, you might be asking yourself if you should consider pet insurance for them.

The short answer: Yes. Yes, you should.

Pet insurance is a great idea no matter how old or healthy your pup or cat may be. There are plenty of good reasons to consider a little extra protection for your furry family member.

1.      Your Pet Can’t Tell you There is a Problem until it’s Serious

One of the most frustrating things about being a pet owner is that your little guy just can’t tell you what’s going on with them. Sure, there are signs to pick up on. If Fido isn’t coming to greet you at the door like he always does after a long day at work, something is probably up. Or if Mittens won’t touch her food anymore and spends all day hiding under the old sofa, you know there is an issue.

However, by that point, you’re looking at a serious problem. Something that may require specialized diagnostics, surgery, or medication to solve. Even with regular check-ups and an attentive eye, it’s difficult to catch serious pet health issues before they escalate into something that will require serious treatment.

2.      Emergency Visits are Expensive

Going to the vet is always going to be associated with some cost. But an emergency visit, especially one after hours, can be tremendously expensive. Some veterinarians charge up to three times their normal rates for emergency visits. Depending on your situation and what your pet needs, this could be a catastrophic blow to your family’s finances and place you in a horrible position of having to consider just how much care you can afford.

Nobody should have to debate how expensive is “too expensive” to treat their pet. With pet insurance helping to cover the costs, you won’t have to make an agonizing decision to try and wait until normal hours to bring your pet in, or the even worst prospect of not getting them any treatment at all.

3.      Some Breeds are Prone to Certain Illnesses and Conditions

Irish Wolfhounds are incredible dogs. Larger than life, these gentle giants love nothing more than spending an afternoon running across the fields and an evening snuggled up at their family’s feet. Unfortunately, they’re just too big for their hearts to handle and they mature, they run a serious risk of vascular complications. Nearly 30% of all Irish Wolfhounds will experience some form of vascular or cardiac abnormality.

They’re only one example; American Eskimos are prone to hip dysplasia, as are Shih Tzu’s. Golden Retrievers are prone to a litany of heart, chest, and stomached issues. Many breeds of cats also run above average risks of certain illnesses. If you have one of these kinds of pets, it could just be a matter of time before something serious occurs.

While it may cost more to insure a breed that has a known predisposition to certain illnesses, it can be a literal life saver. While your premiums may be slightly higher, if your dog or cat does experience a serious illness, the cost will be more than recuperated when you need it the most. That’s just good planning and foresight.

4.      Accidents Happen

Even the most proactive pet owner can’t prevent an accident or illness. It doesn’t matter if your cat is a resolute house cat who never goes outside to interact with other animals, eats a specifically tailored diet balanced to keep them at the ideal weight for their breed, and is brought in for regular check-ups, accidents can still happen. All it takes is one errant moment for a paw to be stepped on, or for a curious cat to try and jump on the wrong thing or knock over something dangerous.

Accidents can happen at any time, whether you’re in a position to deal with them or not. That’s why pet insurance is a good idea for even the laziest and most pampered of pets. If nothing else, it will give you the peace of mind that no matter what happens, you’ll be able to take care of your favourite furry family member.

It’s never the wrong time to think about pet insurance. Talk to a broker today to explore your options and protect your pets.


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