Pet Safety for Spring Time

May 25, 2017
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After a long winter cooped up inside, many pets and pet owners can’t wait to get outdoors again! The spring sun is here, the weather is warm, and nature is blooming all over, who wouldn’t want to get out there and enjoy it with their four-legged friends?
But before you run off to the park with your dog, it’s a good idea to remember some of these important pet safety and health tips.

Check your leash

Always keep your dog on a leash while walking. I know, you trust your dog and it’s tempting to allow them to explore and run free off the leash. But even if your dog is just a small little terrier who wouldn’t hurt a fly, that doesn’t mean other accidents can’t happen. An unleashed dog is just one run-away squirrel from darting into traffic. And heaven forbid anything happens and your dog is provoked, spooked, or bullied into biting someone or another animal, having them off the leash is going to place the liability squarely in your lap no matter what the circumstances are.
It’s just not worth the risk to strut around hands free. Keep your dog on a leash and by your side when walking around the neighborhood.

Make sure your collars and tags are up to date

Nobody thinks their dog is going to get lost. But then you leave her in the backyard for all of 15 minutes to take a call only to find out she’s managed to pull the Great Escape under the fence while you weren’t looking. Argh.
Dogs and cats get loose, it can happen to even the most diligent of owners. But if your pup or kitten is always wearing their proper tags and identification, it doesn’t have to end in tragedy. Making sure your pet is wearing their tags whenever they’re outside is one of the best ways to ensure their safety and a happy ending if they should ever get separated.
Of course, we live in 2017, the age of wireless broadband, on-demand music beamed from space to your phone, and futuristic coffee pods that can brew up a latte in seconds. Why not find a good use for some of our technology and use it to help keep your pet safe? It’s never been easier or cheaper to get your pet a sub-dermal microchip that can be used to identify them. That way if they ever wind up at the vet’s or an animal shelter, they’ll be able to contact you to pick up your stray pet even if they’ve lost their tags. Better yet, there are GPS tags that fit on their collar, helping you track down a wayward pet as easily as getting directions to the nearest Starbucks.

Vet check

Spring is always a good time to make sure your pets are in top shape. If you haven’t had a check-up in awhile, it might be a good idea to swing by the vet and make sure your animal is healthy. Make sure to get a booster for any vaccinations your pet may need and their annual anti-tick and flea treatments. Pests and biting insects are not only uncomfortable for your pet, they also can carry dangerous diseases, so it’s important to make sure you have the right protection before spending a lot of time outdoors.
One of the added bonuses of checking in with the vet is that they can let you know about any illnesses going around. Staying informed on what’s going on in your specific community and any possible risks is always a good idea!
Lastly, if you haven’t done it already, spring is a good time to get your pet spayed or neutered. It’s no fun, but you don’t want a bout of “spring fever” resulting in a litter of surprise puppies or kittens.

Insure your pet’s safety and happiness

Spring is also a great time to consider a pet insurance policy. While it isn’t something many of us think about when it comes to insurance, more and more pet owners are seeing the value and practicality of pet insurance in their lives.
Our pets are family. When they get hurt or sick, we suffer right alongside them like any other family member or loved one. Pet parents will move mountains to secure the health and happiness of their little fur baby, but that doesn’t change the fact that vet treatments can often be prohibitively expensive.
With the proper pet insurance policy however, you don’t have to be a prisoner to cost when trying to get the best care for your pet. Pet insurance can help cover medication costs, emergency visits, surgeries, and overnight stays. This way, you can focus on your pet’s well-being, and not your pocket book.
Be safe, get the protection you and your pet needs, and enjoy the spring worry free!


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