Fun March Break Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained

Mar 10, 2022
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The pandemic has been a long two years and while many activities and events are re-opening, many are choosing to stay home. If you’re still working from home and have the little ones by your side for March Break, look no further for some easy and inexpensive home entertainment options.

The 2022 March Break in Ontario is from March 14-18 and the following six ideas prove there are still many things to do at home to keep the kids active and entertained!

1.      Paper airplane races! it’s simple, it’s clean, it’s a game as old as… the airplane… probably.  Paper airplane races are a fun and mess-free way to have fun indoors.  Give the kids some paper and set them loose in the basement or the backyard.  For some added fun, use pencil crayons and markers to personalize the planes before racing and use tape to mark throwing lines or a finish line.

2.      Indoor scavenger hunt! Send this kids on a wild goose chase… err, I mean a scavenger hunt.  Not only does it burn energy to track the stuff down but it burns energy to put it all away again.  Add a little incentive by offering a treat or a prize for the kid that finishes first or finishes within a set time.  Check out this ‘Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Big and Little Kids

3.       Science Experiments

4.      Forts!  An age-old pastime for little ones is building and hiding in and hanging out in a fort!  Use cushions, pillows, blankets and boxes to make a fort masterpiece.  Or, for a special kind of good time, try an Air Fort: How to make an Air Fort with your Kids

5.      Get moving! Put on a play with stuffed animals or finger puppets, and record a video of it!  Play charades or have a dance party!  Get the kids up and moving with these ‘35 Activities For Kids At Home (For When You’re Out of Ideas)’

6.      Bonus Toddler activity! One simple word: Balloons.  Not only will your toddler find the blowing up part exciting, they will be delighted by the bouncy little orbs cluttering the floor.  If you can, find balloons with pictures of their favourite cartoon characters or with confetti inside.  And allow me to introduce to you the game affectionately known as “Keepy Uppy!”

There you have it, folks: Our top six activities to keep the kids entertained while they’re at home over March Break. We hope you enjoy some of these activities or that they inspire you and your kids to try something new.

Have a fun, safe, and enjoyable March Break!

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