Entrepreneurs: Does your Current Insurance Cover you Properly?

Oct 4, 2012
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Entrepreneurs, this is you: You are optimistic, competitive, assertive, proactive, committed to others, you dislike routine, and you constantly strive to improve. You have escaped the corporate bureaucracy, and have started your own business!

Thank goodness, because entrepreneurs like you are the backbone of our economy. 130,000 new small businesses are started each year, and there are over 1 million small businesses at present in Canada.

You don’t have time on your hands as your business is growing and you are already work long hours. Why jeopardize everything you have worked hard for? To protect you and your family’s assets and income, you need insurance for both your personal and business life. You are already an expert in every aspect of your business. You don’t need to become an expert in insurance too. It should be the least of your worries. Your Staebler Insurance broker is trained and skilled in both business and personal insurance. Weather you drive to work each day or simply climb the stairs to your home office; they can assist you with all your insurance needs.

How nice would this be? One broker, one phone call, once and done!

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